MANA ( mä’n? )… a supernatural force or power that may be ascribed to persons, spirits, or inanimate objects. Mana is the balance of the universe and may be good or evil, beneficial or dangerous, an impersonal, amoral, supernatural power that manifests itself in extraordinary phenomena and abilities. One can obtain Mana though birth, warfare, and CREATION.

Established in 2004, MANA Studios is the brainchild of Jay Garcia, who set forth to
create a full spectrum 3D design studio enabling creation through digital and traditional sculpting, molding, casting, concept art, and design.

MANA provides projects for a vast genre of clientele and specializes in prototypes and custom resin collectibles production for the toy industry and art world.

MANA offers its clients personalized service, small minimum orders, advanced technical skills, superior quality, and promotion through our website and MANA network.