Our highly trained staff of digital artists works in MAYA, ZBrush and Freeform, allowing us to breathe life into even the most detailed designs.

We use the Vivid 9i non contact digitizer and object printers to support a robust rapid prototyping program that offers great turnaround times and great quality.

MANA’s sculptors are trained in wax, clay and foam. Versatility and attention to exacting details and specs sets us apart!

MANA works with the best of the best and takes pride in working with a talented pool of artists able to assist in many styles and media.

MANA’s painters excel in a comprehensive range of techniques and media. From automotive enamels to fine detailed toy work, it’s all done with precision in mind!

Silicone tooling for small and medium quantity runs of high end urethane castings. When it’s gotta be spot on, come to us for castings in any color, tint or effect! Custom casting for the fine toy/collectibles world is our specialty.