Gremlin in the Works

There’s a gremlin in the works over here at MANA, and His name is Dizzy! MANA Studios and The Pizz are proud to finally announce that an edition of 50 of these beautiful babies, starting with an Ink n Iron exclusive, will be available in June.

Dizzy is Designed by The Pizz, digitally sculpted by Taso Gionis for MANA Studios, and produced by MANA in solid and rotocast resin, hand cast, hand painted and signed and numbered by The Pizz! He stands 6 inches tall, ready to display.

The Ink exclusive will be a “classico” black and white colorway with custom pin striping(not shown) on the helmet. Only 5 will be offered at Pizz’ booth, so get there early if you want one! Later in June, we will release the additional 20 classicos, and follow it up with a second colorway (TBD) for early July. Sales will be through the MANA Studios website store.

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